Case Study

Redefine the Way to Communicate with Clients

A mobile app opens a new chapter of customer engagement. It creates a direct marketing channel that allows your clients to interact with you in their everyday life.

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The Company

Dagens Nyheter (DN) is a leading newspaper in Sweden, reaching millions of readers each day. DN’s mobile strategy did not only involve a mobile-friendly website. They planned to develop their own mobile app and made it possible for their followers to get quick access to all the latest updates in DN’s live news feed.
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The Challenge

Besides building a news app to support their readers, we also faced another challenge of creating a wearable device version for the Apple watch.
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The Solution

We’ve taken care of the project from ideation to completion and maintenance. Following are some main features of the mobile app:

  • Single sign on with website.

  • A download manager to run background downloads of DN’s daily issues.

  • Push notifications function with access to new articles. The function was integrated directly in the client’s CMS, allowing them to conveniently manage content and push notifications in one place.

  • Universal app supporting multiple devices such as phones or tablets.

  • A messagehub server with APIs to support the push notifications and auto downloads functionality.

And along with the Swedish team, we also built the DN app for Apple watch which is one of the first Apple Watch apps rolling out on the App Store. DN readers now can be kept up-date with the latest breaking news without even pulling out their phones.

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