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Models To Suit Your Need And Your Budget

Dual Shore Model

Two-way, effective communication is key to the success of any scalable project. That is why we have created the dual-shore model, to give you the best of both worlds.


  • On-shore center to work closely with the client to collect requirements, complete business analysis and to suggest changes to the off-shore center

  • Off-shore center to receive and proceed requests from on-shore center on a daily basis

  • Fast implementation of features, updates, and technologies

  • Improved Communication between client and production team

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Dedicated Team Model

Do you wish to execute a complex project that could take at least three months to accomplish? If yes, the Dedicated Team Model is for you.


  • Have your own team working exclusively for you for a period of at least three months.

  • You’ll benefit from the stability a dedicated team affords, giving you the chance to work with complicated features!

  • Your team will be assigned a Team Lead or PM whose responsibility it is to handle communications and project management

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Project Based Model

Do you have a one-off specific need that has a fixed time frame, with team work based on Time & Material? Our popular project based model could work for you. 


  • When you build a new website, you need a new skills set at different times of the project.

  • Depending on the requirement of each stage of the project lifecycle. More demand on front end in beginning and less in the end.

  • The customer can utilize in the most productive way. You pay as you go. - agile way...

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From our experience, the most important factor of a partnership is trust. We’ve relied on a few trusted processes over the years that ensure the most successful projects.

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Transparent Communication

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Time-zone Collaboration

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Direct Onboarding

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Agile Methodology

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Constant Testing

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Tailored Product Development

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