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Create marketing and sales materials directly from web to print - Niteco InPrint Studio (NIS) is a verified Episerver Add-on, available in the Add-on Store

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How does Niteco Inprint Studio work?

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Who Uses It?

Any organisation that designs and produces content for multiple channels will benefit. NIS is designed to save enormous amounts of time for editors, designers, and the people that rely on them. Our core customer industries are newspapers, e-commerce, real estate, and large enterprises.

What Does It Do?

Using NIS, you can automatically pull the latest content from an Episerver CMS or Commerce website (for example pricing or assets), and instantly produce up-to-date product brochures or catalogs, real estate listings, PDFs for print or electronic distribution, etc.

The content and design can then be modified in InDesign and synchronized back to the CMS, or the whole process can be automated through InDesign Server - allowing updated collateral to be instantly produced from the CMS interface.

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Product Features

  • Synchronize Episerver CMS and InDesign content.
  • Fully automate creation of collateral with the latest content through InDesign Server and NIS
  • Synchronize any design changes back to Episerver, for more effective collaboration on content
  • Integrates with Episerver Commerce data
  • Use Episerver templates in InDesign without losing formatting
  • Access media content directly from ImageVault
Verified By EPiServer

NIS is One of the Select Tools Verified By EpiServer

NIS can be installed directly from the Episerver Add-on Store, available in the dashboard of every Episerver site. It will integrate seamlessly with Episerver CMS and Commerce with minimum configuration. 

Simple Example

Let's look at a simple example. Imagine you want to produce a business card template for your company, and you have a team list stored in your CMS.

You spot some things in the PDF that were updated incorrectly. Simply update the content directly in the Episerver CMS, and click to send a new job to the InDesign Server. The flexible workflow allows you to work with or without InDesign and InDesign Server licenses.

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Commerce Integration

You manage an e-commerce store, and manage your product listings in a PIM or directly in the website.

Our integration with Episerver Commerce means that you can simply select the products or categories that you'd like to feature in your latest catalog, and the catalog is instantly produced. Including all appropriate pricing, options, images, descriptions, and other content.

Tool Set

InDesign Tool Set

Connect to the Episerver instantly, manage printing content in projects, view and manage libraries of assets, create and manage template and content libraries, and map & track changes made to synchronized content.

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NIS Custom Panels

  1. Project Panel
  2. Catalog Panel
  3. Media Panel
  4. Logging Panel
  5. Mapping Panel
  6. Connector Panel
  7. Template Panel
  8. ImageVault Panel
Demo videos

Watch The Demo Videos To Learn More