6 Reasons why you should attend Ascend USA 2018

6 Reasons why you should attend Ascend USA 2018

Ascend USA 2018 in Las Vegas promises to be the largest conference ever held by the CMS and E-Commerce giants, and its offerings pack a definite punch. With quality speakers, dozens of enticing sessions, and hundreds of attendees, it is definitely the place to be for anyone interested in CMS. And we can tell you why you should absolutely be there March 11-14.

1. What a time to be alive!

If you don’t agree that we are currently living in one of the most exciting periods of web platform development yet, we can’t be friends. Episerver and their competitors have considerably upped their game recently, especially when it comes to customer engagement, multi-channel builds, and cloud-based projects.

It will be exciting to hear what speakers like CEO Mark Duffell and CMO James Norwood have to say about Epi’s plans for the future. We can only assume that the grand stage of Ascend will bear witness to some thrilling announcements.

2. Troy Hunt!

Hearing Troy Hunt speak would in itself be worth a trip to Las Vegas. The keynote speaker for Ascend 2018 will be familiar to many attendees because of his amazing work in cyber security and secure development. Any attendee should be able to learn something from his speech.

Among other things, Troy Hunt created the site ‘Have I been pwned?’ which lets users find out whether their information has been compromised in a data breach. It even lets subscribers set up alerts to find out about such a breach as soon as it happens. The site has hundreds of thousands of subscribers and hardly any downtime. So trust us, this man knows a few things about building a good site.

3. The Agenda is amazing!

Ascend USA 2018 will boast more than 70 sessions for its attendees. This is such a large number that in fact, the entire event is booked in six concurrent tracks, meaning there are six sessions at the same time. There are two specific agendas, one targeted toward developers, the other toward tech leaders. Attendees can choose whether they want to follow one or the other agenda, and can even mix and match. The next tech leader sessions don’t appeal to you? Then why not switch over to the developers and see what they’re learning about?

Of course, we recommend that you bring more than one person so you can get all the information this conference promises to share. The sessions and seminars will touch upon all aspects of Episerver’s domain, from ‘Retail in the Age of the Customer’ to ‘Episerver Social: Building your brand with User-Generated Content’ and ‘Episerver Campaign: Omnichannel campaign management made easy’. So put your thinking caps on, there will be a lot of input. By the way, EMVPs attend for free!

4. Customers matter!

Want to let your own customers know what Episerver has in store for them and their projects? Then bring them along! Ascend USA 2018 holds the first Customer Appreciation Day, with all customers invited to attend. There will be customer awards, round table discussions, and feedback sessions.

Over the course of Ascend, your customers can also learn how to get the most out of their investment in Episerver and you. Let them get inspired to try new things with their projects and thank us later.

5. Niteco is there!

This year, Niteco is a Platinum Sponsor of Ascend USA 2018, which means we will dramatically ramp up our presence. Not only will we host you at a prominent booth, but our experts – Pelle Niklasson and EMVP Linus Ekstrom will also hold two of the conference’s talks, namely ‘24/7 Episerver Project Delivery’ and ‘Avoid Performance Anxiety’. Take our word for it, you won’t want to miss either of them.

Visiting us at our booth will pay off as well. Not only are we giving away some exciting prizes, we will also show you what we as an Episerver Premium Partner with the largest number of certified developers in the world can do for your business. Don’t hesitate to come by and talk to us about the projects you’re planning.

6. It’s in Las Vegas!

Let’s be frank, if you’ve ever needed an excuse to visit Sin City, this is it! Ascend is held at the luxurious Aria Resort this year. Epi and its partners have made sure that every need is met, with Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday all ending in a festive mood. And if the conference’s parties aren’t enough for you, there’s always the Strip.

When you have the time, take a stroll down the famous street with all its iconic landmarks and hotels. Marvel at the beautiful fountains in front of the Bellagio, play the slot machines at the Monte Carlo, check out the fascinating architecture at Caesar’s Palace and The Venetian, and don’t miss the pirate show at Treasure Island! It’s Las Vegas, Baby, and there’s no place like it.

See you in Las Vegas, and remember: What you learn in Vegas doesn’t just stay in Vegas! Check out the details of the event here!

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