Niteco’s 24/7 Episerver Project Delivery Model Gives Ample Benefits

Niteco’s 24/7 Episerver Project Delivery Model Gives Ample Benefits

There remains a significant cost benefit to outsourcing software development projects offshore. It’s a trend that shows no sign of abating. However, offshore is not only a question of lower costs, the model also expands a client’s development day by applying Agile Distributed Development and Operation across multiple time zones and across multiple teams in order to execute the development work like runners in a relay.

Let’s imagine an international conglomerate that is head-quartered in the UK, with a customer base that stretches across Europe and the United States of America. They want to venture into e-commerce. The pilot phase focuses on the European market first. Typically, thanks to our dual shore approach, Niteco’s technical lead and business analyst who are in close proximity to the client can kick off the discovery and planning phase while our talented remote team in Vietnam begins the delivery.

Different Time Zones Extend the Working Day

With a six to seven hour time difference between the UK and Vietnam, the working day, purely by design, is extended. Using Agile Methodology, the Vietnam team starts the development work, while in constant communication with the UK based client. By the time the working day begins in the UK, the Vietnam team has already produced a working increment of the product. Daily stand ups with both teams ensures the project continues to progress smoothly. Now it’s time for the site to go live and the 15 hour day no longer seems sufficient. At this phase, we introduce what we call the Application Management Service Team.

The Application Management Service (AMS) Team

The perfect blend of development and operations, the team is ‘on call’ 24/7 and acts as a DevOps control center that continuously tests and deploys, oversees the security operation and proactively provides solution maintenance. With this extra team in place, the UK and Vietnam teams can successfully bring the first release live.

Across Continents

What’s more, AMS teams are particularly helpful when clients want to scale their projects. For example, if the company wants to launch in the US, and needs new features, the new requirements can be met at speed despite tight deadlines, simply because of the 24/7 AMS team. While the UK and Vietnam team sleeps, the US team can work directly with the AMS team. It’s the perfect service for an international company that operates across multiple continents.

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