How to power Experience-Driven Commerce with Episerver

How to power Experience-Driven Commerce with Episerver

E-Commerce has experienced a surge in recent years, driving traditional enterprises out of business and revolutionizing industries. However, success in the world of online commerce is by no means guaranteed. In fact, with the proliferation of commerce websites, competition has become fierce and brands must deliver more than “just” good offers in order to prevail.

Let ‘experience’ drive your Commerce site

According to research by Episerver, the Swedish provider of CMS and E-Commerce platforms, 92 percent of first-time visitors to a brand’s website do not come to make a purchase. Instead, they are there to conduct research on products or services or they want to compare prices or other variables with other sites. So, in order to get these visitors to become your customers, i.e. make a purchase, you need to offer them something others don’t: an experience.

Episerver pointedly calls this “Experience-Driven Commerce”. The name already gives you an idea of what the concept is about: Using Personalization and other tools from Episerver’s arsenal to create a User Experience that drives visitors to conversion.

UX and personalization buoy Experience-Driven Commerce

We have previously pointed out how important good User Experience (UX) design is to a website, but it bears repeating. UX design is increasingly becoming a major differentiator between competitors. While price will always remain a factor in commerce dealings, good UX design is generally considered a good way to increase acquisitions and conversions, which benefits your bottom line. The idea of Experience-Driven Commerce builds on this fact.

Aside from hiring good UX designers, personalization is one of the most important steps you need to take in order to provide your prospective customers with a great experience. Episerver’s research shows that today’s customers want brands to provide content and recommendations tailor-made to their own needs and situation. When it comes to commerce categories like personal entertainment and apparel, 50 percent already expect such personalization to take place. A whopping 35 percent of shoppers expressed their belief that brands are currently doing a bad job at this. This data shows that shoppers around the world are ready for Experience-Driven Commerce, meaning businesses need to catch up to their customers.

The Episerver Platform, based on the user data collected in its Profile Store, offers a number of components that enhance your customers’ experience when browsing your website:

Episerver Find in combination with Personalized Find: Good search functionality is near the top of every user’s wish list. Personalized Find does exactly what is on the label – it personalizes search results so your (prospective) customers have an easier time finding what they’re looking for.
Episerver Perform: Product recommendations based on user behavior are what most customers think of when they talk about personalization in E-Commerce. Perform’s machine learning-based engine quickly learns exactly what a user is looking for and presents them with the perfect choice.
Episerver Advance: Intelligent content recommendations show your customers that you understand them and know their pain points. And there’s no more powerful effect of UX than making the user feel understood.
Episerver Reach: Reaching out to the customer at precisely the right time with precisely the right recommendations is what can take their experience from good to great.

Experience-Driven Commerce can take your E-Commerce site to the next level, but it requires planning, data and the kind of tools you get from a platform like Episerver’s. As the world’s largest Episerver Premium Partner with 47 certified Episerver Commerce developers, Niteco has the experience required to perfectly integrate these elements with a seamless user experience, tailormade to fit your site and audience.

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