Double the Development on A Startup Budget

Double the Development on A Startup Budget

Building a new app can be a tug-of-war between resources, timelines, and budget. Hapsnap was no different.

With mobile now changing the way everyone takes, shares, and saves photos, Hapsnap aims to revolutionize the next step in mobile photography: the photo printing process. Hapsnap allows the user to order prints instantly on her phone, and the photos will be mailed to her doorstep in just a few days.

Founder Rowan Rundle worked with a studio in Sydney to build the initial MVP. There was indeed a viable business.

“With Hapsnap’s MVP, I envisioned Hapsnap to become the Uber of photo-printing. Next, what was essential for us was to build a really quality, fully-functional app," confirmed Rowan.

The second build needed more features such as full cloud support (iCloud, Google Photos, Instagram and Facebook). While Hapsnap had no trouble finding agencies willing to build the app, the asking price was very steep. In order to achieve a second release, Hapsnap explored the option of global development partners.

The local development agency in Sydney, recognizing Hapsnap’s need with a more limited budget, recommended Niteco.

“Our project goal was to build a brand new Hapsnap app while iterating, fixing, optimizing from both tech perspective and user perspective,” stated Ha Dinh, project manager of Niteco.

Niteco quickly understood Hapsnap’s vision and ambition, which freed Rowan’s time to focus on promoting the new app. The Niteco team built an entirely new app from the ground up with the end user’s needs in mind. Maximizing the available budget, Niteco was able to offer Hapsnap both an updated iOS version and a new Android version for the cost of the original iOS development in Sydney.

Hapsnap has re-released in August 2016 as a convenient online photo printer and delivery system. Download the app on your phone, and have your photos delivered to you in a snap.

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