Niteco’s Application Management Service: Let us take care of your application uptime

Niteco’s Application Management Service: Let us take care of your application uptime

“A day only has 24 hours” is a common excuse you will hear from service providers that are unable to fulfill your expectations. Of course, they have a point. A worker’s productivity is limited by time, and this, in turn, affects the entire company’s effectiveness. Calls outside the constraints of office hours go unanswered, requests for assistance have to wait until morning.

We at Niteco believe that’s an outdated way of thinking. The world has become smaller than ever, which makes all-new approaches to project development, support and management possible. And that includes taking advantage of time zones. That is why we developed our Application Management Services (AMS) to help you stay on top of things around the clock, no matter where you are.

Niteco has offices around the world, manned with developers and specialists that know how to work together as part of a distributed team. They are experts in project handovers, which guarantees that a project is always in good hands, no matter which team, in which city and on which continent is working on it.

Using time zones to your advantage

Let’s imagine an international conglomerate that is head-quartered in the UK. They want to venture into e-commerce globally. The pilot phase focuses on the European market first. Thanks to our unique dual shore approach, Niteco’s technical lead and business analyst who are in close proximity to the client can kick off the discovery and planning phase while our talented remote team in Vietnam begins the delivery.

With six to seven hours’ time difference between the UK and Vietnam, the working day, purely by design, is extended. Using Agile Methodology, the Vietnam team starts the development work, while in constant communication with the UK-based client. By the time the working day begins in the UK, the Vietnam team has already produced a working increment of the product. The UK team can then pick up where their colleagues on the other side of the world left off. Daily stand ups with both teams ensures the project continues to progress smoothly. Once it’s time to go live, we introduce the AMS Team into the equation.

What is an AMS Team?

The AMS Team consists of specialists around the world that are available 24/7 to monitor and manage your application. This means dramatically reduced wait times for your service requests and a much more responsive support team, which, in turn, produces vastly improved stability and availability for your application.

However, the AMS Team is anything but passive. What you get is an active management team that takes care of everything for you. The Application Management Service includes advanced application monitoring and integration monitoring tailored for e-commerce online transactions. It also includes performance and security monitoring. The service is tailored to support both on-premise and cloud solutions like:

  • Episerver DXC cloud
  • Sitecore Experience cloud
  • Amazon AWS cloud
  • Microsoft Azure cloud
  • Rackspace Managed cloud

Depending on your needs, the AMS Team also offers additional services. These include measures to prevent downtime or breaches, such as regular security checks, performance checks, latency and response time monitoring as well as eco-monitoring.

Want to know more?

Discover if the AMS team structure could work for you and your project by getting in touch with us for an in-depth, no-obligation discussion.

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