Three Things To Consider When Picking The Right Sitecore Partner

Three Things To Consider When Picking The Right Sitecore Partner

Research and Advisory firm Gartner has ranked Sitecore as leaders in Web Content Management for the past three years. And if our sources are correct, Sitecore is attempting to steal the crown as leaders in Commerce soon too. As their product offerings improve, Sitecore related inquiries rocket. From across the globe, Sitecore is making a name for itself and to meet the demand, a flurry of agencies and software development firms are popping up, keen to convince you that they’re the right Sitecore partner to work with.

But are they really?

Let us save you time and heartache. Here’s how to identify the good from the bad…

Firstly, make sure that your partner can actually handle the scale of your project. Are you negotiating with a 5-person firm that is already struggling to reply to your emails in time? Perhaps they’re not the right partner for your 10-million-view site. Niteco has a team of 200 people situated all around the globe, ready to meet your personal needs and help you speak directly to your customer base.

Secondly, verify that your prospective partner knows what they are doing. While Sitecore Commerce makes many things easier and more intuitive, this doesn’t mean that just anyone can set up a well-functioning site based on the platform. Most importantly, Sitecore Commerce is not a one-size-fits-all approach. It is based on different modules that can be combined in various ways. What modules do you need for your specific project? How important is Sitecore’s Experience platform to what you are trying to achieve? These are questions a Sitecore partner has to be able to answer.

Niteco is a Sitecore Certified Solution Partner. This means that we have a team of programmers that have been trained in using all of Sitecore Commerce’s potential. Whether you need a completely new site built from scratch or just a single module, Niteco’s talented team can advise you on your options and work with you.

Thirdly, does your prospective partner have experience? Of course, everyone starts out at some point, and wanting to support new businesses is a good impulse to have. But it comes with risk. Any seasoned technical expert will tell you that it’s not worth entrusting your expensive new project to a completely inexperienced team of developers. You want proven skills and a demonstrable understanding of your own views on the build.

Niteco has been building custom-made websites for years. As our case studies show, we do not work under the assumption that every website is the same. Every project we work on is aligned with our partner’s needs and the needs of their customers. An E-Commerce-focused project will have to meet different targets than a ‘traditional’ CMS-based website. Our developers understand this and as a result, they always approach a new project with a fresh eye. ‘We’ve always done it like that’ is a phrase that shouldn’t exist among the team working on your project.

In addition, we not only offer the build itself. We can also help you with Web Strategy, External Integration, as well as Maintenance and Support. Our team of certified Sitecore developers will stay with you throughout all stages of the project and make sure that you are completely satisfied.

Last but not least, you have to consider the price. Of course, you don’t want to overpay. But you do get what you pay for, so you also need to be wary of offers that seem too good to be true. Niteco will offer you affordable rates, tailored to your requirements. You will not pay for something you don’t need. We offer various models, like a Time & Materials pricing model or a Target Price model. You can even choose to receive the services of a Managed Resource Team, consisting of a number of developers selected by you to work with exclusively. No distractions, simply guaranteed exclusivity on your project.

Want to know what we can do for you?

We’ve made it even easier for you to find out how Niteco can power your Sitecore ambition by offering a FREE project estimation. Get in touch with us; you’ll be thankful you did. 

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