Save yourself time and money with this innovative add-on

Save yourself time and money with this innovative add-on

I would hedge a bet that the business buzzword for the 21st century is ‘productivity. Its a mainstay headache for business leaders around the globe who are often tasked by shareholders to find ways to make their corporations run efficiently, improve profit margins and remain competitive in increasingly crowded markets. Thankfully, the digital age has provided many firms with nifty solutions, and software development partners such as Niteco are at the forefront of this revolution. One such innovation that has saved one of Swedens largest media publishing houses the inconvenience of repurchasing data and the associated costs involved, is Nitecos ingenious add-on, Niteco Inprint Studio (NIS). Designed to cleverly capture information from web-to-print in an instant, NIS is an Episerver verified add-on that uses the sensibilities of Adobe InDesign integrated with Episerver CMS or Commerce.

Ideal for companies wanting to reuse content already available in Episerver into a PDF format, the InDesign application enables the information to be pulled together and into an agreed template automatically.

Our client, Bonnier News were quick to request this add-on for their Financial Hub tool which displays real time and historical market data for journals and newspapers. Thanks to NIS, their editors and designers are no longer required to send data through XML files and then rely on their customers to input the same data into PDF files only to send them back. Now, the information is seamlessly gathered and collated in one fell swoop! The add-on works just as well for ecommerce companies that want to automatically convert their online marketing information into a catalog or businesses that want to download PDF files from any one of their web pages at the press of a button. And because ‘user-friendliness and easeare major features of this add-on, it is programmed to generate a new PDF file every time a product or webpage is updated. Whats more, NIS has the capability of connecting to the popular Epi-friendly DAM ImageVault so that you can insert images from ImageVault into your InDesign templates.

Designed by software developers with years of business solution know-how, NIS presents a simple yet effective example of how technology can directly address the bottlenecks in existing business systems and processes. Its the advantage businesses enjoy by contracting out digital transformation projects to expert partners – you receive bespoke solutions. Bring software development partners into your conversations early on and youre likely to find there is a novel approach to your project that could also cost you much less in the long term too. Thats what Bonnier News found out after years of collaborating with Niteco. Send us an email detailing your challenges and you too could be benefitting from a digital fix that will do wonders for you without harming your bottom line either.

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Akofa Wallace

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