New SEO trends to look out for in 2019

New SEO trends to look out for in 2019

Any digital marketer and developer worth their salt know about SEO. We know it pays to invest in good SEO, but it also pays to keep up with the latest developments in SEO too.

Niteco oversees digital transformations for a number of our clients, and SEO is an increasingly integral part of what we do. So here we list what’s trending in SEO this year:

User experience and qualitative content:

User experience is all about reaching the right landing page which details out the right content to the user. A specific query or search should give the users a qualified/deep answer to exactly what they are looking for. If the website can enhance the user journey and give them what they are looking for, the chances of getting ranked higher and getting awarded by Google increases.

Enriching content leads to qualified leads and quality conversions. Qualified leads are generated from the traffic which comes to the website organically looking for something a user would have searched for.

Explore search engines other than Google:

Concentrate on other search engines such as Yahoo, Bing etc. and not only Google because those other search engines are equally important and can certainly help in boosting your web traffic. Although Google is the leader, according to Net Market Share other search engines easily hold 5 – 10 percent of the market share and traffic is expanding day by day. It’s hard to ignore such stats when the searching pattern of the potential visitor is unknown.

Invest more time in Structured Data Markup:

Structured data is added to HTML markup to generate rich snippets which provide other relevant information to a user. For example, Amazon lists out prices, reviews, and a Q & A section which ultimately enhances the user experience. This in turn also enhances the SEO as the page lists out all the information which is important for user consumption.

Featured Snippet is the next big thing:

Featured snippets take up rank “0” as defined. They come above the first ranked website on Google and give the most precise and crisp results. Traffic from higher domain authoritative websites due to backlinks increases the likelihood of getting noticed and appearing as a featured snippet.

Keep an eye on Machine Learning:

Machine learning lays out the foundation for computer systems to identify and perform a couple of tasks automatically. Machine learning is necessary as it enhances the UI and navigation through the website. Search results that show up as a consequence of user behavior and interaction on the website are more prone to be opened because they are automatic. Searched results are restricted to one page which in turn limits the use of other pages unless they are clicked on by the user.

Mobile readiness and optimization:

This year, more than 5 billion people in the world are estimated to be using mobile phones, out of which approximately 50 percent use smartphones. The penetration of hand-held devices is huge and with a multitude of apps on the market, it is only going to increase further. Optimization of content and developing your website into a PWA (Progressive Web App) should be investigated in 2019 if you haven’t yet started to. PWA remarkably creates websites which look and feel as if a mobile app is being used. This enhances the user experience and helps in making the users feel as if they are working on an app rather than a website.

Page Load Time:

Page load time is one of the key factors for web performance, which Google investigates for SEO. Faster and simpler websites will be the norm in the future, that’s why load times need to be kept in check. The higher the time it takes for a page to load, the higher the bounce rates, which leads to the poor user experience. Also, this indicates that search engines can crawl fewer pages within their allocated crawl budget.

Voice Search

Although Voice Search is still being explored, in the future SERP results will all be about using your voice to give commands and display the results. The most relevant results popping up will lead the way for enriching user experience and it will ultimately impact the SEO score.

Do you need a SEO check on your website?

A SEO audit is the most essential part of finding out faults and rectifying them before Google penalizes your site and ranks you lower than you would have liked.

Let us carry out a complete health check on your site, looking at the following:

  • List out possible flaws which are preventing you from ranking higher
  • Give you more insights with new strategies to push your rankings up
  • Help you with goals/objective and give you a performance report indicating the key areas that are working and not working for you
  • Deep dive into your domain authority
  • Website content duplication (something you can be penalized heavily for)
  • Internal and external backlinks
  • Mobile user experience since, its an essential part of the user journey.
  • Well defined attributes for the content on the website and the order which it follows
  • Relevant keyword inspection to stay up to date
  • Content or blog efficacy with respect to its stickiness over a period.
  • URL structuring and broken links if any

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