Turn Digital Disruption into Opportunity

Turn Digital Disruption into Opportunity

Customers are demanding a quick and seamless digital experience. They want real-time updates. They want personalized content. They want an intuitive user experience. The do-or-die task for any company is anticipating what customers expect and delivering it.

The challenge becomes tougher when you’re offering multiple brands that span the globe. That was certainly the case for leading European Smart Data & Analytics firm, Bisnode.

Based in Sweden, but operating in 18 countries, Bisnode decided to move their 270 brands under one Bisnode brand. An important and necessary strategic decision, but how could they achieve this without negatively impacting their customers?

Partnering with Episerver experts, Niteco, Bisnode turned a potential digital disruption into a great opportunity.

When negatives become positives

Bisnode has 2000+ data sources and combines the highest quality data in real-time to provide clients with actionable insights. Not only did they want to pull all brands under one Bisnode brand, they also wanted to reposition themselves from a product company to a knowledge company and a thought leader.

Accomplishing these goals required a comprehensive digital transformation strategy that would support both brand consistency and local adaptation.

This web solution was achieved by utilizing Episerver Digital Experience Cloud (Episerver DXC).

Bisnode’s development partner, Niteco, built a common core web solution through Episerver DXC that enabled Bisnode to launch 18 separate, localized websites. www.bisnode.se was the first site to launch in February 2017.

Because Bisnode operates in 18 markets, a localized site was designed with each country in mind. Core pages were translated from the parent site to maintain a coherent brand experience and then partly adapted for the local market.

But serving clients in their native language was just the first step. Bisnode also wants to push the digital experience by meeting the specific needs of each client. With this in mind, Bisnode plans to implement Marketing Automation solution as well as other functionalities.

Harnessing the power

Bisnode knows that the secret of every successful business is to understand its clients, behaviors, desires, and expectations. By harnessing the power of digital marketing, Bisnode turned a digital disruption into a great opportunity that ultimately put their customer first.

Learn more about how Niteco helped Bisnode to create the multilingual website that conquers 18 markets here

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