3 Reasons Why Upgrading Your Episerver Project Is Vital

3 Reasons Why Upgrading Your Episerver Project Is Vital

Episerver has been around for a while, having launched its first CMS platform in 1997. Currently, we are up to versions 11 of both Episerver CMS and Episerver Commerce, and the company has switched its strategy to providing upgrades much more frequently. For many companies however, upgrading to the latest version is just a hassle, an unnecessary waste of time and money. But is it really?

The short answer is No.

Here’s the long one.

Keeping your site based on an outdated version of Episerver’s offerings is risky. As a business, you really can’t afford to use a website that’s built on tech years out of date. The value you create with your Episerver project’s launch decreases from the very first second. After just four years without real improvements, customers will recognize your site as the internet age’s equivalent of a dinosaur. Meanwhile, your competitors revitalize their own projects, luring your users to their turf.

Here’s three reasons why you should keep your Episerver project up to date:

First and foremost, upgrading keeps you on the forefront of development. We already know that technology constantly advances, and does so more quickly than ever before. This doesn’t necessarily mean that we have to expect a major shift at any moment, but it does mean that Episerver consistently improves its products for good reason. As technology evolves, Episerver adapts. And so should you.

Incremental and consistent upgrades help you keep your project fresh and unlock the latest features of the Episerver platform, giving you more tools with which to engage your customers. The value of your project remains high, as does your site’s attractiveness.

Keeping up to date also means you don’t have to organize a massive undertaking to get back to the frontier of CMS development. Just think of your smart phone. Chances are you don’t always immediately upgrade to the newest version of the OS, be it iOS or Android. So when the newest version introduces a great new feature you really want, the update will take longer for you than for those who are already up to date.

Secondly, Episerver consistently improves performance with its upgrades. Increased performance is essential for converting your traffic into actual business. A fast site with smooth transitions and short loading times will make user experiences much smoother and keep your customers coming back.

Upgrades also frequently include bug fixes and small tweaks, allowing you to avoid technical failures, optimize your project, and increase efficiency.

Thirdly, up-to-date systems improve security. Episerver constantly updates its offerings to put you and your customers’ minds at ease. Outdated software versions regularly become the target of hackers and other criminals, because they are often more vulnerable and its users numerous.

Many updates also mean the official end of support for legacy components. If you encounter problems with said components later, you will have to organize help yourself. Episerver will not be there to lend a helping hand.

However, we are well aware that keeping your systems up to date is a time-consuming process for your in-house technical experts. The time it takes to complete it could be spent on other things. That’s where we come in!

We at Niteco see ourselves as a long-term partner for our customers. And helping you to keep on the cutting edge of Episerver’s development is part of that. As a service, we can organize your upgrades for you. We have handled several such projects, for companies like De’Longhi, Bemz, and Bisnode. These included Episerver Commerce as well as Episerver CMS upgrades.

So put your mind at ease and trust us to handle your system overhaul.

How We’ll Manage Your Upgrade

We start by investigating which parts of the platform you are using the most. Our experts work with you to find out what it is you need, and to find the best solution. We not only consider mandatory new features, but also optional ones. We then present you with a quote, within a working day.

Once approved, Niteco will execute the full upgrade, leaving your own experts free to deal with other matters. Our goal is to guide you to a place where you can treat your Episerver upgrade the same as any other software update: a background process that is dealt with automatically. We keep you consistently upgraded without disrupting your business and can even support your efforts to educate your staff on new developments.

Complete this form in order to receive an estimation.  Once agreed, a competent team carved out from our workforce of 119 Episerver-certified developers, will readily upgrade your systems.

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