2 Ways Web-to-Print Saves You Time & Money

2 Ways Web-to-Print Saves You Time & Money

In today’s demanding workplace every second counts. Time-consuming jobs such as printing hard copy brochures impact the bottom line.

Brochures and catalogs are essential tools for selling your company. But wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could cache all your current information and products in one seamless action?

Well, now you can!

Designed with E-Commerce businesses in mind, digital business solutions experts, Niteco has created a web-to-print product, the Niteco InPrint Studio (NIS) that is an Episerver Verified Add-On that automates the content synchronization process, thus removing manual labour and reducing costs.

Take a look at how NIS can be used…

In the Media

One of our long-time clients, a leading media corporation in Sweden, partnered with us to create a tool called Financial Hub which displays real-time and historical market data for journals and newspapers.

Before implementing NIS, Financial Hub had to send data in XML files to their customers. The customers then inputted that data into their PDF template, only to send back the updated PDF to Financial Hub for testing and verification. The content production process was complex, long, and drawn-out.

With NIS, Financial Hub can instantly produce up-to-date PDF files at any time by pulling the data from their website to Adobe InDesign. It’s all done automatically. NIS saves enormous amounts of time for editors, designers, and the people that rely on them.

Easier for E-Commerce

In another application of NIS, we worked on a project with an automotive manufacturer to help them update their latest brochure.

Traditionally, when they had to update their product information, they updated the E-Commerce site and their catalog/brochure as two separate processes. The product information required tremendous changes, from prices to images and descriptions.

With NIS, the customer simply updates the content directly in Episerver Commerce, and synchronizes the content with one click in the InDesign Server.

NIS can also create downloadable PDF versions of any page, as required. The PDFs complement the information on the web page and allow them to download a file version of the content.

Not limited to media and E-Commerce, NIS is applicable where any enterprise requires a web-to-print solution. Any organization that designs and produces content for multiple channels can use it to reduce time and error.

NIS can be installed directly from the Episerver Add-on Store. It will integrate seamlessly with Episerver CMS and Commerce with simple configuration.

If you would like to see a demo of NIS or know more about our offerings, please contact us.

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