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Generous Donation By NITECO Staff Saves Toddler's Life


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A three year-old boy with a congenital heart disease has been given a new lease of life thanks to the generosity of a group of employees from software development firm, Niteco.

Little Lich, the second child of farmers from a remote mountain village in Vietnam was diagnosed with the life-threatening condition back in August. But on a monthly income of only USD50, the likelihood of Lich’s parents raising the USD1,200 needed for surgery was seemingly impossible. That was until Niteco stepped in.

Headquartered in Hanoi, Niteco has been committed to serving local communities in diverse ways since the company was established in 2010. Through NICEF, the company’s charity arm, employees donate time and money towards worthy causes. What’s more, the founder and CEO, Pelle Niklasson matches every contribution dollar for dollar. NICEF collaborates with local hospitals such as the Hanoi Heart Hospital to find deserving recipients like Lich. Thanks to NICEF, Lich’s surgery was paid for in full. Two days after surgery, Lich was discharged and faces a bright and healthy future.

His parents, Triệu Đức Tà  and Triệu Thị Ghến paid a visit to Niteco’s offices to say thanks to employees for their generous donation. Lich’s father, Ta said, “I used to think that maybe my son did not have enough luck when he was born into our family because we do not have money. When the doctor told us that Lich suffered from congenital heart disease we were shocked and worried because we knew we couldn’t afford to send Lich to hospital. But now, because of Niteco, he’s been able to receive the treatment and the doctor said he’ll be healthy again. Thank you Niteco!”

Lich has big dreams of one day becoming a doctor or a teacher. But for now, he’s just got one thing on his mind: “I want to go back to my kindergarten and play with my friends”, he said.


The Niteco Charity Endowment Fund (NICEF) is a Niteco employee-run initiative that aims to improve the lives of Vietnam’s most vulnerable. Since its inception, NICEF has raised a phenomenal USD75,000 and helped more than 500 children in their time of desperate need. This includes the provision of funds for children with clef palates to have surgery, building a school and providing educational resources, as well as funding heart operations for children like Lich.

NICEF has plans to fund another child’s heart surgery in the coming weeks.