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A message from Niteco on the Covid-19 pandemic


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Dear customers and partners,

There is grim news about the current pandemic reaching us every day from many countries in the world and we hope that all of you stay safe as we battle this crisis.

With the Covid-19 situation becoming ever more complicated around the world, Niteco is taking steps to safeguard the health of our employees while also ensuring our ability to provide our services.

All Niteco employees have already been empowered to work remotely. While we currently still continue working in our offices around the world, we are continuously monitoring the situation in the countries in which we are located. With these precautions taken, we will be able to dynamically take action should the situation grow to carry more risks for our employees. After all, our employees’ health is what’s most important to us.

We also don’t anticipate any disruptions to our development or maintenance work. Thanks to our precautions and technological setup, we will be able to continue providing our services as normal.

The customers who are part of our Managed Services suite 24/7 Proactive Response can continue to rest assured that their sites and applications are being monitored and protected around the clock even if Niteco completely switches to remote working. This will help to alleviate any issues they may face from this health crisis.