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Brand Revamp: Niteco Has a New Look


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You may have noticed something a little different about our look.

Rest assured, we are the same company that you’ve come to trust behind your development project. As we grow and expand into new markets, we wanted our core values to be better reflected in our brand.

At Niteco, we are about your product development journey, from idea to launch. We have a passion for technology, and our passion extends to creating good products for you.

Not only that, we are a competitive Employer of Choice for top software engineers in Vietnam.

Your business ambitions should be supported by your technological ambitions.
Your professional ambitions should be supported by your company’s ambitions

With you, our customer and our employee in mind, we have updated our brand to Powering Your Ambition.

What does this mean?

It means we’ve redesigned a few things to improve your web experience with Niteco.

Some of the main features include:

  1. Activating our case studies
  2. Simplifying our engagement models
  3. Publishing helpful blogs
  4. Redesigning a more user friendly website

Biggest things to note on the web are:

Increased use of white space. We believe that white space is essential to good design. White space makes content more legible, and enables you to focus on what we’re communicating. White also gives a more mature, fresh and modern feeling that feels more in line with Niteco.

Less illustrations, more imagery. Instead of relying on stock images, we want to show you our real employees in their working environments. We aim to stand out by showing you our diversity, capabilities and uniqueness with true to life photos.

Keeping our message simple, easy to follow and consistent. As experts in your industries, you can filter out information that’s not relevant to you. We strive to keep all of our information to be simultaneously succinct and reliable.

Improved website user experience: simple, minimal, and intuitive user interface. We use big headings to stand out and accurately describe the page content

We’re excited about our growth and where it will lead. Our look may be a little different, but our company will always be striving to power your ambition.