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Expanding Markets with Our New CBDO


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In September, Niteco welcomed Brent as its Chief Business Development Officer (CBDO). He will lead the Global Sales and Marketing team, develop business plans, sales strategies, and sales structure development.

For anyone working in sales management in the States’ tech industry, Brent Lane might be a familiar name. During his 25+ years of experience, Brent has made significant achievements in some of the largest corporations worldwide. He spent 13 years at Dell, direct selling in the field across the United States, as well as managing teams covering the Central USA. After that, he had 4 years working as a specialist for Symantec. He was also EMC’s account manager and was responsible for all US sales to Dell.

I used to manage teams of all Americans, and now, I will manage an international team. It is challenging, but fascinating.

said Brent. His team at Niteco comprises members from Vietnam, The Netherlands, South Africa, Sweden, France, and Australia.

This man, undoubtedly, loves embracing challenges. You may not know that during the 12 months before setting foot in Hanoi, Brent and his wife, Laura, traveled to 26 countries, collecting matchless moments. He has touched a giant gorilla in Africa, gone on an epic trail in Iceland, and parachuted from 15000 feet over Mount Doom in New Zealand! And now, he is here, embarking on a new journey with Niteco.

I want to create changes… but change just for the sake of it isn’t the goal.  I want to see Niteco expand their business globally and believe I have the team to accomplish this goal.