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Get Episerver Content Diagnostics for free for better digital content


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To help people use this time of quarantine effectively, Niteco partner Episerver started its Come Back Stronger campaign. As part of this initiative, the company made all its e-learning resources accessible for free.

Episerver now also introduced a further package of the campaign. Having recently acquired content recommendation tool Idio and integrated it into its platform under the name Content Intelligence, Episerver now offers a free version of the product for 90 days. Dubbed Content Diagnostics, the free version offers:

  • Real-time Content Audit: gain an understanding of your overall content landscape automatically tagged based on Episerver’s Natural Language Processing capabilities
  • Real-time Engagement Insights: know exactly which topics are most engaging for your visitors and see how interests change over time
  • Prescriptive Content Strategy: clearly see where to focus your valuable content production resources at the topic level to address content gaps

The installation is as easy as just integrating a single script and takes no more than 30 minutes. For the duration of the package, you get 24/7 access to dashboards as well as a personalized 30-minute workshop on initial insights via a dashboard walkthrough.

For marketing departments struggling with their content during this unprecedented time where good content is more important than ever, it’s an offer that can’t be refused.

If you want to give Content Diagnostics a try, simply click here. Sign-up ends on June 30th.