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‘It is an Honor for me to get this Opportunity’


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Working at Niteco has opened new doors for Niteco employee, Duc Mai. The 29 year-old who has worked at Niteco for six years has just received the promotion of a lifetime – as a project manager and bridge engineer in Sweden.

Starting next month, Duc will pack up his life in Hanoi and fly out to Stockholm with his wife, Trang and his two year-old daughter, Linh by his side. The exciting move is thanks to Niteco. Duc says, “When I first visited Sweden a few years ago, I loved it and for a long time I have thought of moving to Sweden because I find it to be a wonderful, peaceful and organized place.

“When I was considering my next career move, I read somewhere that you should ideally change jobs after five years, and I’d been working for Niteco for six. So it felt like this was the right time for a change and relocating to Sweden was attractive to me because I have a young daughter and I want her to benefit from a better quality of life.”

Duc Mai says he’s grateful to Niteco for giving him and his family this chance. “Niteco has given me good opportunities to grow in technical development, to go outside Vietnam and experience places like Sweden and the company is good at social engagement too. Niteco is also a competitive environment that provides each worker with high spec equipment in very modern, clean and well designed offices. I have also had many great colleagues here who are very good, very professional and their skills are amazing. I’ve learned a lot from them. Now I’m looking forward to relocating to Sweden and joining a welcoming team that I can learn a lot from too.”

Duc Mai becomes the fourth employee to relocate from Vietnam to Sweden thanks to Niteco’s onsite professional development programme. This career path is proving popular among ambitious developers and programmers.

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