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Niteco reaches 46 Episerver Commerce certifications


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For us at Niteco, constant training and learning have become second nature. We like to keep on top of the latest developments in technology and we pride ourselves on knowing everything there is to know about the tools we use. Thanks to these ceaseless efforts, Niteco recently achieved a new company record – a whopping 46 of our developers are now Episerver Commerce-certified!

And that’s not all! We’re on target to have 120 Episerver-certified developers working at Niteco, meaning we remain the largest Episerver Partner in the world.

But we’re not in the habit of just collecting certifications; our employees also participate in additional courses, including developer bootcamps, to keep their skills honed and their expertise up to date.

Showing the company’s commitment to additional training, Niteco has also instituted an internal training program under the name Components, Architecture and Training (CAT), led by experts in individual technologies. It is the responsibility of the CAT managers to ensure that the level of expertise on their respective technologies throughout Niteco’s delivery structure stays at the forefront of development.

About Niteco

Niteco is an international software company based across the globe, specializing in CMS, e-commerce and mobile technologies. For more information about Niteco, click here.