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Niteco Becomes an IBM Business Partner


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B2C customers and prospective customers of Niteco are set to benefit from a new partnership the software development company has recently forged with IBM.

The international firm that specializes in CMS and commerce solutions on behalf of major enterprises has joined forces with IBM in a bid to provide leading-edge solutions such as AI-powered chatbots to customers.

The new development comes as Niteco witnesses an increasing demand for AI technology, in particular chatbots.

“Cognitive is the new competitive advantage” states IBM, and Niteco’s founder and CEO, Pelle Niklasson couldn’t agree more. He added, “The use of Artificial Intelligence is no longer the future, it is the present. According to a recent report, 61% of baby boomers and 51% of millennials like chatbots because they provide instant responses to questions. Therefore, companies that are in a position to offer a proactive, 24/7 service significantly improve the customer experience, thus boosting sales. Niteco’s value proposition has always been to power the ambition of our customers cost effectively. For this reason, it made sense to partner with IBM.”

To learn more about the partnership, and how Niteco’s expert developers can build and train a chatbot that meets consumer need, contact us here.