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Niteco: Impacting communities, impacting lives


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Many people think of a software company as a ‘geek den’. And for good reason too. Our stories usually revolve around code, software and websites. But at Niteco, it is our passion for people as well that sets us apart from our competitors. And nowhere is this more evident than with our charity efforts.

Committed to community as equally as we’re committed to our clients, Niteco encourages all employees to actively engage in charitable activities through the company’s aid-giving arm, the Niteco Charity Engagement Foundation (NICEF).

Led by the CEO himself, Pelle Niklasson, in less than two years NICEF has raised $25,000 in donations, funded 200 children for cleft palate surgeries and built one school in the Highlands. Children in need of heart surgery have also been supported through the Linnea Heart Program, established in honor of Pelle’s eldest daughter, Linnea, who suffered from a congenital heart defect. What’s more, the charity also organizes a range of educational activities and fun days out for Vietnam’s most underserved.

“Niteco is not only an organization of discipline and professionalism, but also an organization of generous hearts and deep compassion” revealed Hau Luong, the newly appointed President of NICEF. She continued, “We want to defy the stereotype about software companies. We are geeks first and foremost, but we are also more than capable of helping people and supporting our society as well.”

From One Group of Good Hearts to Another

Behind the statistics lie the real human stories of transformation and triumph. Take for example, three year-old Thien Kieu. Born with a serious heart defect, Thien Kieu’s life was destined to be cut short. Without life-saving surgery that cost more than her poverty-stricken parents could ever afford, Thien Kieu was facing certain death. Thankfully, NICEF heard about the plight of the little girl and funded the US$2,000 operation she so desperately needed. Now back at home in her rural village of Lung Bong in Cao Bang some more than 200km from Hanoi, Thien Kieu is thriving and getting ready to start school. It’s a remarkable moment her parents once feared she’d never get to experience, but one that has been made possible thanks to the generosity of NICEF members. Expressing her eternal gratitude, Thien Kieu’s young mother, Huyen said, “I couldn’t dare think of this day. You saved my daughter, you saved my family.”

Making a Long-Lasting Difference

Looking to the future, NICEF hopes to support more children, more communities and more causes. In the same way Niteco strives to lead digital transformations across the globe, NICEF is striving to transform the lives of people in their reach. For families such as Thien Kieu’s, that’s a worthy ambition.