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Niteco – where we care about your ideas


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To reach the lofty heights of the technology industry, you need more than a team of talent, you need to encourage new ideas too. That’s why Niteco strives to offer a dynamic, open environment that brings out the best in their people.

Unique in Vietnam, Niteco invests heavily in spectacular state-of-the art office spaces that are designed with employees’ health and happiness in mind. In addition, the Senior Leadership Team are stripping away the traditional hierarchies that usually exist in a company to give any team member, regardless of their level, the freedom to speak up and contribute. It’s an approach the Program Management Office Manager, Petra Sintorn is passionate about. She shares why; “To be able to attract young and talented engineers, we need to be a great place to work. That means we need to provide a working environment where we support our employees and help them to grow and be successful. We are depending on our employees and if they like what they are doing and feel motivated, the company will be healthy and continue to grow. The competition in Vietnam is tough but we think that our way of working collaboratively and encouraging an open environment is a key to success.”

Supporting employees and helping each one to grow is a responsibility Niteco takes seriously. In addition to the fantastic benefits package the company offers, designing career paths that exceeds most programmers’ expectations, is proving to be a real strength for the company. Petra said, “With us people can get international experience and a chance to collaborate with our global customers and possibly work abroad as well. We find that when team members are exposed to other cultures, they gain new perspectives which in turn broadens their mindset.”

In an effort to provide the ultimate work experience, Niteco is dedicated to constantly improving internal communications, employee engagement and the office environment. And for a company that believes in having fun too, there are plenty of teambuilding events and spectacular social activities any member of staff can take full advantage of.

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