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Latest Sitecore release spells good news for MongoDB database users


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The latest Sitecore release (Sitecore 9.0 update 2) is out and with it comes support for MongoDB database (3.6.4 version). Sitecore 9 Previous releases supported only SQL server as Sitecore experience Database (xDB). But now thanks to this new release, xDB supports both SQL Server and MongoDB databases. What’s more, accompanying documentation suggests that Experience Database (xDB) support for Oracle will be added in future versions of Sitecore.

What the new update means

Customers who are already in Sitecore 8.x version using MongoDB as their xDB, can now plan their migration easily without worrying about big infrastructure change. And those who have already subscribed to Mlab, MongoDB Atlas, etc (Cloud providers for MongoDB) can keep their subscriptions and just migrate the data. This scenario also applies to developers who are using On-Premise MongoDB installations. Rather than adding more SQL databases, they can now use their existing one. Helpfully, Sitecore has provided a migration tool to enable the change.

And for new customers, the new release provides them with more choice. They can now use SQL Server or MongoDB hosting On-Premise or Cloud; but with a word of caution from Niteco’s Sitecore Solution Architect, Shravan, who says to, “Make sure all security hardening measures are taken while setting up MongoDB to prevent ransomware attacks. Alternatively, to be safe, use any cloud provider like Mlab, etc.”

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