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The Niteco Christmas Gift that will Keep on Giving


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Kindergarteners who live in a remote village in Vietnam will benefit from two brand new classrooms in the New Year thanks to the generosity of Niteco employees.

The children of Coc O village in the mountainous province of Bac Kan have been without sufficient classrooms for the past year, resulting in disrupted learning for almost 50 schoolchildren, with a further 16 expected to need a place at school next year. Upon learning of their predicament, staff at Niteco clubbed together to raise a phenomenal USD8,500 in order for classrooms to be constructed.

Commenting on the gift, Hau Luong, a project team lead at Niteco said, “When we heard about the poor conditions that the children and their teachers were enduring, we knew we wanted to help. Our donation means that every child in Coc O will be able to attend the local Kindergarten and will no longer need to travel miles to another village just to receive an education.”

The village of Coc O is located more than six hours drive from Hanoi, Vietnam’s capital city, and is considered one of the least populated areas in Northern Vietnam, partly due to its rugged terrain and forested topography. As a result, living conditions are basic, with access to the village a challenge.

The Vice Principal of the kindergarten, Hoàng Thị Đào, thanked Niteco for coming to the school’s rescue and emphasized the impact the gift made to the small community. At a special ceremony that’s slated to take place in January 2018, the classrooms will be named in Niteco’s honor.

Meeting the essential needs of a community that’s often ignored is just one of Niteco’s priorities. A company, committed to improving the lives of people less fortunate, Niteco, through its charity organization, NICEF, has also delivered months of IT training to vulnerable youths this year.

“As people around the world exchange gifts with their loved ones and friends this season, we were keen to give a gift to a community that will benefit them beyond Christmas and for generations to come” said Hau.