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Niteco Launches Young Talent Program


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The opportunity of a lifetime to launch a dynamic career in technology will soon be available to Vietnam’s brightest graduates. From next month, Niteco, an international software development partner based in Vietnam, will begin their search for twelve of the nation’s most promising programmers to join its innovative internship scheme.

Known as the Niteco Young Talent program, the rigorous scheme will give graduates unique insight into the industry. Now in its third year, Niteco’s CEO, Pelle Niklasson says the Niteco Young Talent Program is intense and tailored, offering interns the chance to work on projects using Microsoft and Front End technologies as well as various CMS platforms. In addition, each intern will be assigned their own personal mentor and given a modest monthly allowance.

Commenting further, Pelle said, “We all know how difficult it is to find an exciting, encouraging first job straight out of university, and particularly in Vietnam. Great opportunities tend to be few and far between. As a company, we believe in investing in people because we recognize that our teams are our greatest resource and that’s why we were keen to establish this program. Through the internship, graduates benefit from unrivalled training in technology as well as an insight into the world’s best business practices.”

In just two years, the Niteco Young Talent program has retained as many as eight graduates. One previous intern, Long Viet Tran now works full time at Niteco and is an integral part of the company’s Front End division. He says the company’s internship scheme kick-started his career. He added, “Over a period of 12 weeks, I learned how projects are set up and how they are developed. I also learned about new technologies, many of which I’d never seen before. At Niteco, I’ve been able to improve my team work skills and my English presentation skills, but most of all, I’ve been able to improve my coding skills.”

Long says he highly recommends the program to others. He shared, “Niteco is a professional environment where interns can gain a lot of experience through on-the-job training and benefit from the support and advice of mentors and experts in the company.”

To find out more about the program, please email: [email protected]