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Our Team

Our Team

Diversity Powers Our Ambition

With 200+ minds from 11 countries, we reach across the technology & business sectors. We harness our various talents into one goal: deliver you the best project.

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Pelle Niklasson Chief Executive Officer
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Petra Sintorn Program Management Office Manager
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Linus Ekström V.P. Technology
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Kurt Dressel Country Manager
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Per Rask Senior Account Executive
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Stephane Zerbib Senior Account Executive
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Tuan Truong Pre-Sales Architect
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Khanh Do Pre-Sales Architect
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Quoc Giang Program Manager
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Hammad Ahmad Program Manager
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Tung Nguyen Program Manager
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Ha Dinh Program Manager
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Linh Le Front End Team Lead
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Ross Fenner Creative Director
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Dung Le Bridge Engineer
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Ton Nguyen Bridge Engineer
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Hiep To Bridge Engineer
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Trang Nguyen QA Lead
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Thu Trang QA Lead
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You Join Our Team

Pelle Niklasson

With 25+ years of experience in the industry, Pelle has worked as Development Manager of Episerver AB, Business Unit Director of Teleca Sweden East AB, and CEP of Dotify. He also held leadership positions in top companies such as ITT, IBM, and Nokia.

Petra Sintorn

Having spent 10+ years working with Episerver in different roles such as an editor, a project manager, and a customer, Petra has an in-depth understanding of CMS and how to deliver a successful project. She gives guidance and maintains standards for project management at Niteco.

Linus Ekström

The 3rd developer of the original team that created Episerver, Linus is a prominent figure amongst the industry’s professionals. His greatest strength lies in the combination of technical knowledge and an eye for the big picture.

Kurt Dressel

Kurt Dressel, an IT and digital technology executive with over 17 years’ experience in software sales, delivery and development, leads Niteco’s operations in UK and Ireland. He held senior roles in both leading corporations such as Wipro, Cisco, and promising startups in the industry such as Elastic Path.

Per Rask

Per is a veteran here at Niteco. He has 20+ years of experience in Account and Sales in management and directing roles. Notably, he has worked as the CEO of ElektroPost AB, and a Product Manager & Project Manager at Episerver AB.

Stephane Zerbib

A well-known face in Australia's digital agency & entrepreneurship network, Stephan has worked in management roles in several recognized brands during his 18-year career, e.g.: the Head of Production for Wasabi Digital, and the Director of Rocket Interactive.

Tuan Truong

Trained in the UK, armed with excellent expertise in agile framework, Tuan excels at leading teams and facility business strategy discussion with clients. He has proven experience leading diverse technology projects through the full development life cycle.

Khanh Do

A senior software architect with 12+ years’ experience and substantial knowledge, Khanh plays a vital role in the technical sales cycles. He analyzes customer requirements and assists in developing a solution that will work properly once implemented.

Quoc Giang

With a Master’s degree in CSEM (Commercial Software Engineering Management), Quoc has 10+ years working in leadership positions such as the Director of Operations, Head of Project Management, and Producer.

Hammad Ahmad

Hammad has led critical large-scale projects during his 15+ years working with Microsoft and RFID technologies. He was awarded Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) in 2011 and 2012, and is also a Certified Scrum Master, guest speaker, and consultant.

Tung Nguyen

Tung has a Master's degree in Business Administration and years of experience in .NET development in the banking industry. His education in Vietnam and India also gave him an understanding of Asian cultures, and made him an effective communicator and leader.

Ha Dinh

Educated and having lived in Western Europe for more than 10 years, Ha is experienced with different roles in the software and product development industry – from hands-on development to management. He now leads the Open Source Program at Niteco.

Linh Le

With more than 10 years’ experience in .NET and front end development, Linh has successfully managed many front end projects for our customers in the Nordics. His excellent communication skill enables him to work effectively with clients across different countries.

Ross Fenner

With 7 years of international experience in design and an obsession for effective messaging, Ross is an expert digital strategist with the ability to bridge the gap between user needs and business objectives.

Dung Le

Based in Stockholm, no one knows Episerver better than Dung. He has worked with Episerver since 2009, and spent 4 years as their development manager. He is experienced in .NET ERP, and is a Certified Microsoft Solutions Web Application developer.

Ton Nguyen

Of his 10+ years working in software, Ton spent 7 in Episerver. He was the team leader for the Hanoi Commerce team of the leading CMS platform, and is an Episerver Certified Developer. He acts as the bridge between Niteco and our clients in the Nordics.

Hiep To

Hiep’s real-world expertise covers from Episerver CMS, Episerver Commerce to inRiver PIM and Scrum Methodology. With vast experience in developing, testing and managing, he ensures to deliver the best projects to Scandinavians clients. 

Trang Nguyen

Trang has 10+ years of experience working as a tester, test leader, and SQA where she gained in-depth knowledge of testing techniques, testing process, documentation, defect tracking, and information flow across multiple projects.

Thu Trang

An ISTQB-certified tester with 7+ years In QA, manual and automation testing – Trang has broad experiences in all phases of testing process. She also has substantial knowledge in Java, web-based and database applications.


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