Optimizely Data Platform


Get a 360-degree view of your customer

Optimizely’s customer data platform is where all your user data is stored and accessible to the other Optimizely services in your toolset. Knowing your customers is about more than simply understanding who they are. Anticipating each customer’s real-time intent provides a clear path to more relevant messaging, and with a direct connection to your campaigns you can transform data into valuable customer engagements.


Harmonize customer data
Understand your customers
Eliminate analysis paralysis​

Advanced Features

Data from all your touchpoints is unified in the Data Platform to create a single customer profile accessible by everyone in your organization. Powerful segmentation capabilities allow you to segment and target exactly those user and customer groups you need, be it by their background, their behavior or their stage in the customer lifecycle.

Your customer profiles allow you to speak directly to a customer when you’re running a campaign or personalizing their experience. And because every campaign is centered around a rich unified customer profile, creating a campaign that reaches customers on the most impactful channels is easy. Whether it’s a one-time campaign or one that’s dynamically triggered by specific behaviors, you’re always just a few clicks away from driving more revenue.

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