Optimizely Full Stack Experimentation


Make decisions based on  real-time data

Full Stack Experimentation provides experimentation for each new feature that product teams add to their applications, so you can measure the impact of every release to customers. You can experiment on everything from content to search results and algorithms. And thanks to real-time experiment results powered by Optimizely’s industry-leading stats engine co-developed with Stanford, your teams can get insights and make decisions at scale.


Deliver at every step
Iterate with confidence
Know what works

Advanced Features

Use free feature flagging to separate code deployment from feature releases and easily turn features on or off with feature toggles. That means you can choose who gets access to new features and roll out features gradually to mitigate risk.

The goal is to create a culture of experimentation in businesses, not only for content and marketing purposes, but also for feature deployment and coding. Based on the exact effects your feature releases have for your users, you can make the important decisions with confidence.

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