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Let Optimizely take care of personalization for you

Optimizely’s AI-powered recommendation engines allow you to personalize user experiences with minimal manual effort. You can analyze all your content in real-time with big data analysis and AI-enabled tagging using natural language processing, enabling you to make informed decisions on what needs to be created next – without having to tag every piece of content yourself. Easily find out exactly which topics drive conversions and revenue so you can focus on creating content that converts.


Power audits with AI
Know how to stay relevant
Prove a clear ROI​

Advanced Features

Visitors to your website, be they signed in or anonymous, automatically receive personalized content tailored to their unique interests. A built-in dashboard provides clear metrics on the effect of recommendations so you can quantify the value of personalization.

You can use the same recommendation and personalization capabilities for your email campaigns, using the power of automated product recommendations. Optimizely automatically selects the best products for each customer, meaning your recommendations are never out of date. The same goes for email content. Recommendations are generated when the email is opened by the recipient, rather than when it is sent, to ensure the content is as fresh and relevant as possible.

On your website, instantly boost conversions, cross-sells, upsells, and order value by leveraging personalized product recommendations based on each visitor's current journey and actions of similar visitors. Out-of-the-box dashboards highlight actionable feedback on how to tailor your merchandising and recommendation strategies so you can maximize revenue even further.

And with Personalized Search and Navigation, you can personalize search results for users based on their individual behavior to drive more conversions. Optimizely’s personalized search algorithms leverage past purchases, past browsing behavior, and real-time activity to optimize search results with the most relevant products and content.

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