Case Study

Balancing Resources & Budget in App Development

Building an app is always a tug-of-war between resources, timelines, and budget. How can you build a high quality app within budget without compromising your vision?

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Hapsnap is a mobile app that aims to revolutionize the next step in mobile photography – the photoprinting process. The app allows the user to order prints instantly on her phone, and the photos will be mailed to her doorstep in a few days.
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The Challenge

The project had been through many timeline extensions before Niteco came on board. We had to ensure we could execute Hapsnap’s vision in the most efficient and cost-effective way. 
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Niteco was able to offer Hapsnap both an updated IOS and Android version for the cost of the original IOS development. New features of the app includes:

  • Authentication via Username/Password, Facebook account, Google account

  • Loading images from Device, Instagram, Picasa, Facebook

  • Grouping images by album or time

  • Image editor

  • Uploading images to Hapsnap server

  • Payment via Visa card or Paypal

  • Social sharing via Facebook and Email

Download the app on your phone, and have your photos delivered to you in a snap.

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