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Enter New Markets With An E-Commerce Site

Having a tailor-made e-commerce site is a crucial key to unlocking a business’ potential in the digital age.

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The Company

Established in 1970, Brokenwood evolved from a home winemaking shop to one of Australia’s most prominent premium wine labels in only a few years.
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The Challenge

Pursuing different markets, they needed a strong e-commerce system that could simultaneously handle increased sales and advance their brand across the globe.
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The Solution

Beyond showcasing products and facilitating purchases, our e-commerce solution also aimed to expand Brokenwood’s online sales and elevates their brand. We utilized a strong web platform (Episerver CS6 framework) to build their e-commerce portal. It is integrated with the following functions:

  • Content Management to update news and events to customers

  • Customer Relationship Management to analyze customer interaction and data

  • Catalogue Management to manage product information

  • Responsive design and intuitive user experience

  • Flexible promotions management

  • Payment gateway that delivers frictionless checkout on any device

Payment gateway that delivers frictionless checkout on any device


Developed on the Episerver platform, Niteco built the new site for easy management, upgrade and maintenance. Highlight features include:

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