Case Study

From Initial Idea to Full-Fledged Product

Starting a business is risky. Only a comprehensive solution can help a startup overcome challenges from initial idea to strategy to execution, and to break into the market.


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Cifereca AB was a startup with a promising idea: a new consultant brokerage model that directly connects the consultants and the consultees. The model removes the traditional middle-man and would only cost users an initial signup fee, instead of an hourly intermediary charge in the existing brokerage models.
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The Challenge

This is Cifereca’s first impression on the market, so we had zero room for error.
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We developed an e-commerce system that embodies their idea into a tangible product. The system has separate features for consultees and consultants.

Features for consultees:

  • Search vast database for available consultants

  • Filter database according to your criteria

  • Connect with the most suitable consultants for your project with one click

  • Gain in-depth insights into the European job market

Features for consultants:

  • Upload their profiles and portfolios

  • Register information on location, skills, expertise, and rates

  • Get listed for future projects

Despite the tight timeline, the system excelled in both performance and design, allowing Ciferica to leave a lasting impression on their clients.

“You did a great job with the initial design. We, Otávio and I, are really impressed by how you captured our ideas and how you improved them.” – quoted Magnus Carlsson, CEO, MC Consulting (Cifereca’s parent company).

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