Case Study

Cloud Collaboration in Healthcare Diagnosis

Healthcare is one of the industries most impacted by cutting edge, groundbreaking technology. Opportunity is abound for technology to advance the healthcare industry.

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The Company

RxEye offers web-based services for healthcare providers, offering radiologists and pathologists the chance to view radiology and pathology images remotely. 

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The Challenge

RxEye initially established an in-house team to design and develop their product so it can provide diagnostic imaging expertise to patients all over the world. As their project grew, they quickly realized that they needed more resources.
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The Solution

Niteco came onboard as the development partner for RxEye’s redesign, development, and maintenance.

During the project, we:

  • Rebuilt the front-end system, including redesigning their UI experience and new custom themes.

  • Developed new features for the app, in particular a new dictation feature where the system records and archives the doctor’s comments, transcribes them, and delivers them to patients and other parties involved.

  • Performed maintenance and testing to ensure the system’s quality.

  • Achieved a smooth process workflow with the client using Agile Scrum methodology.

RxEye has been used in countries all over Europe including Sweden, France, Germany, Denmark, and the Netherlands.

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