Strategy & Consulting

The most valuable service we can provide is sharing our expertise.

To gain a competitive edge, you need a partner that can provide more than technology services alone. You need a partner that can provide the big-picture view as well as the detailed implementation.

Strategy Consulting

Strategy Consulting

We can advise, collaborate, support and even challenge your thinking to help you achieve a solution-focused implementation.

At Niteco, we have the team and the expertise to support you with your digital transformation. We can be with you from the start of your journey or we can jump in and save an existing project that has gone off track. As an agency with a big-picture mindset, we integrate strategic thinking into every step of a project, splitting it into three distinct phases.


Discovery Phase

In the Discovery Phase, we engage with you and your team and define the scope of the beginning project. We do research, perform reviews, hold workshops and conduct surveys. The aim is to nail down what you and us are trying to achieve together. This also means determining what it is you want and what we think you need. Thanks to our vast experience in the realm of digital transformation and web experiences, we’re in the perfect position to advise you on which road to take to achieve your digital transformation.


Design Phase

In the Design Phase, our solution architects and designers produce concepts of a solution that exactly fits the requirements agreed upon in the Discovery Phase. We propose and design user flows and/or storyboards and lay out potential features of the solution, providing you with the options we deem most fitting for your business needs. Once we agree on a concept, our design and development teams design and build the solution.


Delivery Phase

After the solution has been built, tested and approved, it’s time to launch – and learn from the launch. Once the solution is live and we receive feedback from users, we begin an iterative process aimed at refining the solution according to the results in the real world. Using tracking and behavior data, we can once again advise you on how best to optimize the solution to align with what your real-life users want.

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