Optimizely Commerce Cloud


Create a powerful personalized E-Commerce experience

Commerce Cloud is Optimizely’s Ecommerce platform, built to enable digital shopping and customer experience management. Optimizely splits it into 2 different kinds of offerings, B2C Commerce and B2B Commerce.

B2C Commerce

Align with customer needs
Launch fast and grow faster
Scale your business

Advance Features

B2C Commerce is a complete suite for digital commerce and content management that uses artificial intelligence to deliver personalized experiences, individualized search rankings and product recommendations. B2C Commerce supports you in designing targeted shopping experiences supported by excellent search capabilities and smooth checkout and shopping cart flows.

For marketers, powerful content, catalog and order management tools with customizable approval workflows make presenting customers with the most relevant content even easier. And built-in analytics and A/B testing capabilities allow you to continuously improve your offerings.

B2B Commerce

Commerce in a single solution
Build better experiences that drive adoption
Deliver more revenue

Advance Features

B2B Commerce does everything its B2C counterpart does, but adds to that specific functionalities that make it essential for B2B Ecommerce businesses. These include easy-to-use tools for quotations and customer-specific pricing as well as streamlined product information and brand management.

You can manage your brand identity and drive engagement while you enable your sales team to modernize your customer interactions across multiple touchpoints with the integration of ERP, CRM and other critical business systems. The B2B Commerce Cloud architecture is engineered to connect to your core systems so all the important quoting information is up-to-date and refreshed, not siloed.

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