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Expand Readership with Mobile-Ready Sites

To continue to serve customers, long-running companies must embrace technological changes and follow user behavior. Companies must create mobile responsive sites as more and more customers engage through digital devices.

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The Company

Since its establishment in 1995, Amelia has become the most successful magazine for women in Sweden. Amelia required a strong web platform to handle a huge volume of traffic. As they saw an exponential increase in the use of their mobile website, they wanted their site to adapt to various devices.
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The Challenge

As the backbone of several digital media websites, the new platform had to be powerful enough to handle many concurrent users accessing the site.

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The Solution

We had a well-rounded and self-managed team build the full product, from development to testing.

  • The final platform is ready to support multiple digital media websites with high traffic.

  • The website is responsive on desktop, tablet, and mobile.

  • We redesigned the site to ensure advertisements are visible

With an optimized digital experience, the upgraded site offered a great reading environment to Amelia’s audiences, increasing its readership -- especially on mobile.


Developed on the Episerver platform, Niteco built the new site for easy management, upgrade and maintenance. Highlight features include:

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