Case Study

A Million-View Site to Thrive in a Digital World

Having magnetic web content to hook readers is just the first step. In order to earn their loyalty, you need an intuitive website with a scalable structure. 

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The Company

Dagens Industri (Di) is the biggest business newspaper in Sweden with over 500,000 unique visitors per month. However, since their website reached 3 million daily page views, it started to encounter some significant performance issues. Di required a reliable partner to upgrade the site.

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The Challenge

Di’s existing system wasn’t well-documented. And it had difficulties dealing with high traffic. Di wanted some immediate solutions to such prolonged problems. So, there was no room for errors.

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The Solution

Within a few months, Niteco fixed all of the relentless performance issues. Besides, we developed Azure cloud solutions to provide APIs, transform print content to digital format, and integrate with the Episerver web solution and mobile app. As we optimized data access and caching layers, including CDN, the loading speed has been boosted drastically.

Here are some of the project’s highlights:

  • Real-time stock market update function

  • Intuitive site navigation

  • Adaptive rendering engine to render content on desktop and mobile platforms

  • Implementing a new freemium model with a new payment flow and optimizing the user journey

  • Developing a premium content model to maximize subscriber conversions

With our support, Dagens Industri remains the largest financial newspaper in Sweden.

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