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A Multilingual Website to Conquer 18 Markets

Large enterprises must strategize globally, yet execute locally. Because customers use their native languages to search, localized websites boost sales, brand awareness and customer experience. 

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The Company

Bisnode is a pioneering European Smart Data and Analytics company operating in 18 European countries. It has transformed from 270 brands into One Bisnode brand and repositioned from a product company to a knowledge company and a thought leader. Bisnode wanted a web solution that supports brand consistecy across its markets, local adaptations of available services and effectiveness in digital operations.

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The Challenge

The website platform required integrations with other third-party systems, which presented the risks of adaptability and compatibility. We also had to create templates and blocks for those third-party systems, that would be both adaptable and easy-to-use.

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The Solution

Utilizing Episerver Digital Experience Cloud (Episerver DXC), we have built a global solution that enables Bisnode to launch 18 different websites, with common core but each with local variations. was the first site to launch in February 2017.

Each country gets a localized site, translated and adopted from the original one to maintain consistency. The web solution also uses:

  • Episerver Forms for admins to make new forms by reusing existing content blocks

  • Instant templates to quickly produce complex content with a stack of blocks

  • Episerver Find for powerful search capability and automatic creation of targeted content

  • ImageVault Cloud for digital asset management

  • Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager

The project is still ongoing with 19 sites to be launched in 2017, including a global site. More functionalities such as CRM-Integration and Marketing Automation are planned to be implemented.


Developed on the Episerver platform, Niteco built the new site for easy management, upgrade and maintenance. Highlight features include:

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