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Chatbots that drive sales in key South East Asian Markets

Customers in all three markets took to the bots and challenged trainers with unforeseen queries, which were quickly and consistently added to the bots’ repertoires. The bots’ product recommendations were especially successful, garnering an 85% satisfaction rate for pre-purchase scenarios.
Electrolux’s Digital Program Manager Yuliana Sadeli stresses that Niteco’s team is “highly collaborative and pro-actively takes initiatives for the best outcome, is open for discussion and patient in attending to queries from non-tech savvy users. I consider them my extended team and trust them to work independently with minimum supervision needed.”

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The Challenge

A first for Electrolux APAC, chatbots were launched in a bid to offer a more efficient customer support service to consumers in Vietnam, Thailand and Singapore. Niteco was tasked with restructuring the chatbots, refactoring the existing code, as well as providing a single instance for all development. Furthermore, Niteco were charged with designing the User Interface and training the bot.

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The Solution

Working closely with Electrolux’s marketing team, Niteco identified a series of actions to ensure a successful roll-out of the bot, first in Singapore, then Vietnam and Thailand. Developers focused on the architecture of the bots, while a team of chatbot trainers worked on inputting Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and creating conversation flows that would generate the desired user responses.

The Result

The projects were simultaneously completed on time and within budget. The single code base greatly facilitates maintenance and support and makes dealing with the back-end in general much easier. The new design also dramatically improved the user experience. As a result, Electrolux continues to expand its partnership with Niteco. Yuliana Sadeli, Electrolux’s Digital Program Manager, said, “Niteco is a trusted partner of Episerver, with evident technical expertise in Episerver and web technologies in general, which is not an easy feat to find in the APAC region. With the team based in Hanoi, projects are costefficient but still delivered to the highest quality. The team has a great working attitude as well as a long-term partnership mentality – a reason why we’re happy to invite Niteco to join our project pitches and explore new opportunities to work together.”

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