GES: Upgrade a Decade-Old System with New Technology

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GES: Upgrade a Decade-Old System with New Technology

Project Information

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July 2017


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The Challenge

Since 1992, GES International AB has provided solutions for investment management, portfolio construction, mergers and acquisition, and outsourcing. GES’s business relies on data and information.

Because their current system was more than a decade-old, revamping their site with the latest technology required a number of complex stages.

The Solution

We deployed cutting-edge technologies to overhaul GES’s old site to advance it into a hassle-free system for both the back-office and the client-facing site.

The Result

Highlights of the back-office upgrade:

  • A new module called Portfolio Management for security portfolios (ISIN, SEDOL) for commercial paper, stock, and warrants

  • Controversial Activities Preset created and applied to portfolios

  • Daily tasks now only take from 1/50 to 1/10 of the usual time required

Highlights of the front-end stage:

  • Appealing user interface and human-centered user experience

With the latest technology, GES can now easily organize, track, search, and process their data for business solutions at a fraction of the previous time.

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