One Integrated HR System to Manage Bonnier's 9000 Employees

Global enterprises need to streamline an incredible amount of employee data across the world for effective management.

One Integrated HR System to Manage Bonnier's 9000 Employees

Project Information

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October 2017


The Challenge

Bonnier AB comprises over 175 companies operating in 16 countries. Their total headcount surpasses 9,000, with different HR systems for each branch.

Bonnier’s individual HR systems needed to be integrated and organized without disruptions in current workflow or loss of information. 

The Solution

We developed a custom, centralized system named BonCom to unify Bonnier’s vast employee information. BonCom consolidates, processes, and organizes all HR data neatly in one system by utilizing the innovative Microsoft Identity Manager (MIM) technology.

The Result

Its features include:

  1. A website to access, analyze, and manage employee information across the Bonnier Group. We built the website from A to Z, developed its API services, and performed third-party integrations.

  2. MIM integration solutions pulled HR data across all systems of Bonnier’s subsidiaries, and re-organized it in real time.

  • We developed & maintained over 30 MIM connectors, which integrated MIM with the different HR systems in subsidiaries.

  • MIM portal workflows automatically syncs individual data.

Boncom allows for smooth operations as managers can quickly access and analyze employee information based on any category.

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