How Niteco/Thanx Media Optimized North Shore Care Supply’s Optimizely Project

Founded in 2002, NorthShore Care Supply was started by Adam Greenberg, Board Certified Patient Advocate, after family members could not find products to adequately manage incontinence while maintaining their privacy and dignity. As the leading direct-to-consumer brand of high absorbency adult diapers and incontinence supplies in the U.S., NorthShore is proud to provide peace of mind to those managing moderate to severe incontinence. Greenberg started NorthShore because he saw first-hand the importance of living life worry-free by staying dry. Having a best-in-class eCommerce platform ensures a “worry-free” and easy online purchasing experience.

How Niteco/Thanx Media Optimized North Shore Care Supply’s Optimizely Project

Project Information

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February 2020


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The Challenge

In 2019, NorthShore implemented Optimizely (formerly Episerver)’s DXC platform. The platform offered NorthShore customers the ability to intuitively shop the website while providing a more personalized shopping experience that was much better than the previous platform. Optimizely also offers an extensive partner network that gave NorthShore the peace of mind knowing streamlined support of the Optimizely (formerly Episerver) software is available. As the company prepared for expansion and future growth, NorthShore saw the importance of having the flexibility to choose a new partner to better serve eCommerce website goals and objectives.  

NorthShore approached Niteco/Thanx looking for a new experienced Episerver partner able to meet the need to increase the pace and quality of development. The company looked for a partner that could understand their business as well as provide the necessary support and guidance to get the most out of the new platform.

With an ambitious backlog of new features, NorthShore sought a partner to ‘steady the ship’ and poise the company’s online store,, for future growth initiatives.

The Solution

NorthShore engaged the Niteco/Thanx team to help prioritize deliverables and execute on business strategies. The Niteco/Thanx team brings a unique blend of expertise and knowledge to every engagement at reasonable rates. The combined team includes the world’s largest Episerver partner, with U.S. and offshore team members, over 20 years of eCommerce experience, 120 Episerver certified developers, and 62 Episerver Commerce-certified developers, who have helped over 500 customers achieve digital success. 

Understandably, NorthShore was cautious about bringing in a new partner without first seeing how the teams could work together. They engaged Niteco/Thanx on a pilot project to develop and test several of the backlog items the current implementation partner had not yet addressed to see firsthand how the team performed.

The Niteco/Thanx team collaborated well with the NorthShore team. Niteco/Thanx completed the project under budget and within NorthShore’s timeline. NorthShore was impressed not only by the knowledge, communication and delivery of the code, but also of the communication between the teams (offshore and U.S. based) and the accessibility to upper management at both Thanx Media and Niteco.

Once the pilot project was completed, NorthShore engaged the Niteco/Thanx team to replace its implementation partner to provide ongoing support and maintenance of the Optimizely (formerly Episerver) platform.

The Result

The Niteco/Thanx team provided the support and advice NorthShore Care Supply needed to focus on key features to help reach business goals. These included:

Product Recommendation:

  • Before: NorthShore was unable to guide customers to discover products that most fit their needs through recommendations.
  • Now: This feature gives NorthShore lifts in conversions and user engagement.

Abandoned Shopping Carts

  • Before: NorthShore was unable to send customers emails, alerting them to products they were interested in purchasing, but left in the cart.
  • Now: This feature increased sales conversions, giving NorthShore the ability to automatically remind customers of products left in their carts, prompting them to complete their purchases.

Customer Data Platform (CDP)

  • Before: NorthShore had a business goal of tracking user behavior to better target customers
  • Now: This feature was designed and implemented to utilize Episerver Profile Store and helped NorthShore better understand customer needs and buying trends


  • Before: NorthShore was unable to process multi-shipments
  • Now: This feature helped NorthShore be more efficient and realize cost savings

Within the first three months of the engagement, the Niteco/Thanx team significantly reduced the number of backlog items. Site performance increased and user experience issues decreased dramatically. User Stories were included in all requirements and weekly team sync-up calls provided the ongoing communication necessary for both teams to keep track of project progress and achievements.

NorthShore Care Supply is thankful to the Thanx/Niteco team for helping the company’s eCommerce site be ready for future growth.


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