Case Study

E-Commerce Improvements Achieved in Record Time

For furniture refurbishing startup Bemz, its e-commerce store is everything. With its rapid expansion, the company needed a partner that could handle everything thrown at them

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The Company

Swedish firm Bemz sells covers for IKEA furniture – sofas, chairs, cushions, mattresses, and more – giving customers opportunities to extend the life span of their furniture or simply individualize their living environment. The company’s business is almost entirely based on e-commerce, with their website being the most important point of sale. As Bemz was expanding globally to follow IKEA’s success, some of the website’s shortcomings had begun to take a toll on business.

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The Challenge

As a small company with big ambitions, Bemz is forced to expand on a budget. However, just maintaining an e-commerce store with close to global reach needs time and manpower, not to mention upgrading and adapting it. Bemz’s budget allowed for employing one developer for their Episerver site – clearly not enough for such an undertaking. Hence, the company turned to Niteco to help with a revamp of its web presence.

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The Tools

Episerver, Microsoft Dynamics AX


The Solution

Niteco was able to offer Bemz a lot more bang for their buck. Niteco sent a project manager and a team lead to Sweden to analyze exactly what the needs and wants of the client were, offering a fixed-price solution with review and a one-year roadmap.

A team of three developers worked on every aspect of the Episerver build, from order management and product presentation to performance, integration with Microsoft Dynamics AX, and updates to the Episerver platform version.

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