Is Sitecore slowing you down? Get ahead with Optimizely

Say goodbye to Sitecore's bad performance, high complexity, and rising costs: Optimizely makes life easier for you and your users, leading to happier customers, better conversion, and a stronger bottom line.

Say goodbye to Sitecore's bad performance, high complexity, and rising costs: Optimizely makes life easier for you and your users, leading to happier customers, better conversion, and a stronger bottom line

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Taking Steadfast from Sitecore to Optimizely: A success story


Why people are leaving Sitecore

Sitecore CMS is anchored in outdated .NET frameworks
Sitecore CMS is anchored in outdated .NET frameworks
Sitecore's reliance on outdated .NET and ASP.NET frameworks contradict Microsoft's guidelines, posing risks to performance, flexibility, and security.
Maintenance and updates are not only laborious but also expensive
Maintenance and updates are not only laborious but also expensive
Updates often require extensive developer work of 300 hours or more and can span months.
It’s unfriendly to marketers and website managers
It’s unfriendly to marketers and website managers
Content creation and management in Sitecore needs considerable developer effort, making simple tasks more complicated than they need to be.

Your best alternative is Optimizely. Here’s why

So, it's becoming clear that Sitecore may not be the ideal DXP or CMS for your needs. As you’re looking for an alternative solution, we can recommend a platform that we know like the backs of our hands: Optimizely. These 4 reasons tell you why.

1. Choose the leader among CMS and DXP providers

Optimizely is recognized as a Leader among CMS and DXP providers by The Forrester Wave™: Digital Experience Platforms, Q4 2023. In contrast, Sitecore is on a downward trajectory in industry analyses due to its inability to deliver on its vision. 

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2. Gain value more quickly with Optimizely

Optimizely will enable you to make a greater impact with your content by introducing innovative, but easy-to-use experiences, while ensuring your investment yields more value through dynamic, seamlessly integrated features. Read more about Optimizely vs Sitecore.

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3. Marketers and developers
love Optimizely 

Optimizely makes it simple for marketers to craft, edit, and publish content effortlessly, without the need to involve developers. At the same time, your developers can innovate using cutting-edge technologies based on the latest .NET framework, reducing development time and costs substantially.  

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4. A future-proof solution with high ROI

Forrester’s Total Economic Impact (TEI) Report found that Optimizely’s DXP delivers an ROI of 299% over 3 years, with a break-even time of less than 6 months.  

Optimizely is also shaping the future by continuously updating and enhancing a unified CMS codebase, achieving significant performance improvements with the latest .NET Core framework. Global brands confidently rely on Optimizely for success. 

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Migrating from Sitecore to Optimizely

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I migrate from Sitecore to Optimizely?

Built on the latest .NET framework and with years of CMS and Commerce success under its belt, Optimizely has become known for enabling website editors to focus on the presentation of their content without having to rely on developer resources to do so. Compared to Sitecore, working with Optimizely saves time and effort but doesn't sacrifice either performance or visual style.

Is Optimizely or Sitecore better for an Ecommerce business?

For Commerce businesses deciding between Optimizely and Sitecore, Optimely is better suited if you are looking for a more user-friendly interface with strong Ecommerce capabilities that are easy to manage and scale in a cloud environment. It's particularly suited to businesses that need robust personalization and testing features but might be constrained by the need for easier content management and a more straightforward learning curve.

How long does a migration from Sitecore to Optimizely take?

The time it takes to migrate from Sitecore to Optimizely can vary widely depending on several factors related to the complexity and specific requirements of the project. Among them are scope and scale of the website, the need for customizations and integrations, volume and complexity of the site's content, and the need for training and change management.

Working with Niteco, a migration usually takes no longer than 2-3 months.

What kind of support do you offer post-migration?

After the migration, Niteco offers various services to ensure that your site doesn't encounter technical issues and converts well. Our 24/7 Proactive Response service takes care of all the technical aspects around the clock, leaving you with peace of mind, while regular development and maintenance projects allow you to continually improve and expand your site.

In addition, Niteco offers Digital Marketing services like SEO, Analytics, EDM, and Conversoin Rate Optimization services that allow you to make the most out of your site.

What are Sitecore's limitations?

Sitecore is a powerful digital experience platform known for its comprehensive features, but it has limitations that may affect its suitability for some organizations:

1. Complexity and Usability: Sitecore can be complex and challenging for new users, requiring substantial training. It often also requires dedicated teams for maintenance and custom development.
2. Cost: Sitecore's licensing and operational costs can be prohibitively high, especially for small to medium-sized enterprises.
3. Customization and Flexibility: Tailoring Sitecore to specific needs can be complex and expensive. In addition, frequent reliance on developers even for small updates can slow down content management.
4. Integration Challenges: Integrating with external systems can be complex and sometimes leads to compatibility issues.
5. Performance: High functionality can lead to significant resource consumption, affecting performance. It also requires deep technical skills to optimize effectively.
6. Technical Support and Community: Access to premium support services can be costly. Also, the Sitecore community is smaller than communities for platforms like Optimizely or Drupal, which can make finding solutions more difficult.

What is the best alternative to Sitecore?

Optimizely is often considered one of the best alternatives to Sitecore for several compelling reasons. It balances powerful capabilities with user-friendliness and cost-effectiveness, making it a preferred choice for businesses looking to optimize their digital experiences without the heavy resource commitments associated with Sitecore.


Can I customize my Optimizely implementation to match specific business needs?

Yes, you can customize your Optimizely implementation to match specific business needs. Optimizely is highly flexible and supports extensive customization to adapt to various requirements. Here’s how you can tailor it:

1. Modular Architecture
Optimizely’s modular setup allows you to add or modify features based on your business needs, such as e-commerce capabilities or advanced analytics.

2. API-First Approach
The platform’s API-first design facilitates easy integration with external systems like CRM tools, marketing automation, and ERP systems.

3. Customizable Workflows
You can create custom workflows to fit your team’s processes, including specific content approval paths, user roles, and permissions.

4. Developer Tools
Optimizely offers robust tools for developers to build custom features and integrate bespoke systems.

5. Marketplace and Plugins
Access Optimizely’s Marketplace for plugins and add-ons that extend functionality and enhance integration.

6. Personalization and A/B Testing
The platform includes powerful options for user personalization, segmentation, and A/B testing to optimize user experiences.

7. UI Customization
Customize the user interface, themes, and layouts to align with your brand and improve the user journey.

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