Case Study

Customized Software for the Livestock Industry

Truly customized software allows your technology to adapt as your business grows and your procedures evolve.

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The Company

Livestock Exchange (LE) is Australia’s largest livestock traceability systems integrator. They set strict standards for each of their products because they supply software solutions to nearly every player in the livestock industry.
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The Challenge

StockIT, one of their products, is a tool to monitor cattle exporting procedures. LE needed to upgrade StockIT with extended, atypical functionalities that would allow exporters to better manage their herds. 
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The Solution

In the first phase of the project, we fixed bugs in StockIT’s current version. In the next stage, we narrowed our focus on livestock exporters, the user, and their longtime concerns in managing their herds. The exclusive features of the final product include:

  • Consignment management

  • Custom processing

  • Pedigree management

  • Test & Import Test Result

  • Planning Calendar Management

"Niteco have consistently showed a ‘can-do’ attitude, often suggesting improvements or enhancements to our requests, rather than having a ‘you get what you asked for’ attitude.". - Max Young, Software Development Manager, Livestock Exchange

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